Five Books to Get Your Child Interested in Reading

To celebrate International Literacy Day, we’ve put together a list of some great children’s books that can spark your kids’ interest in reading. With the increasingly appealing alternatives of TV, PlayStation and Candy Crush, kids are becoming less and less interested in sitting down and reading books. Naturally, this is a huge source of frustration for a lot of parents, who want to tear their children away from screens and get them more interested in the classic stories they used to enjoy as a child.

Father and young daughter reading together

The key trick to getting your child into reading is to allow them to read anything they want. Let them start with anything they like and slowly ease them into eventually reading harder, more challenging books. Here are five of our recommendations!

The key trick to getting your child into reading is to allow them to read anything they want.

#1 Horrid Henry – Francesca Simonhorrid_henry_robs_the_bank

The Horrid Henry series of books are a kids’ classic – most children would count it in their Top 5 favourite books. The books have an endearing (though horrid) main character, who makes each story extremely funny. Each book is also divided into three shorter stories, with lots of illustrations, so for reluctant readers, the books are very digestible, as well as enjoyable!



#2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Jeff Kinneydiary of a wimpy kid

The Wimpy Kid series is written in the style of a diary, which is immediately more engaging for kids than a dense novel. The books are light-hearted, funny and modern – the perfect combination for a child who is hesitant towards reading. With illustrations and a style similar to comic books, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are a huge favourite with children of all reading abilities.


#3 Rainbow Magic – Daisy Meadowsrainbow magic book

The Rainbow Magic series is a favourite with children, especially girls, and with over 200 books in the series so far, there’s plenty of variety and opportunity for your child to keep reading them for a long time! This is the perfect book series to instil a ‘reading-for-pleasure’ mentality in young kids, and acts as a great platform to set them up for reading a wider and more challenging range of books later on.



#4 Captain Underpants – Dav Pilkeythe-adventures-of-captain-underpants

Adults and older children may dismiss the storyline and style of the Captain Underpants series as silly, but for a young child it can be the book to first catch their interest. The title alone can get a kid to laugh, but the books themselves are genuinely hilarious, with a quirky comic book style and great illustrations that can capture the fascination of any child.



#5 Harry Potter – J.K. Rowlingharry potter

This may seem like the most predictable suggestion, but the Harry Potter books are the best-selling book series of all time for a reason. The storyline is captivating and the fantasy of the wizarding world is a great complement to a child’s wild imagination. The stories of the world famous wizarding boy are real page-turners and with a movie franchise to enjoy as well, the only thing to worry about is that your child will get unbearably hooked!


These books are sure to be a great starting point to eventually get your child enthusiastic about reading books – give it a go!

Each of the books we’ve chosen is consistently voted by kids, of a range of ages and abilities, to be one of their favourite series. So if you want your child to get enthusiastic about books, these are a great start. We’d also recommend Goth Girl, Matilda, How to Train Your Dragon, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, and the Alex Rider series. Be sure to share some of your recommendations with us on Facebook or Twitter!