Feeling stressed? It might be time to move

If you’re feeling stressed, it might have something to do with where you live.

We looked at 16 stress-inducing factors — including job growth, unemployment, house prices, cost of living, population density, and crime rates — to rank 52 cities in order of least stressful, to most stressful.

It might come as no surprise that London ranks as the UK’s most stressful to live in, although Londoners might have something to say about that. Then again, a face full of sweaty armpit on a crowded train might be enough to relegate any city to the bottom of the table.

Birmingham, as the UK’s second biggest city, comes in a close second. It also has the second highest unemployment rate across the UK — a surefire way to send stress levels skyrocketing. Fancy being the second best at being the worst.

But is there such a thing as a stress-free place to live? Well, our research suggests that those looking to relax a bit more might need to travel further north.

Doncaster and York top the tables as the most stress-free places to live, with Doncaster having the highest rate of job growth across the country. Add to that the low cost of living and a low population density, and it’s not hard to see why the city could be a haven of calm.

Similarly, York also benefits from low living costs, and has the lowest rate of unemployment across the UK.

Where does your city fall? Does its ranking match your stress levels? Look at our interactive page and see.