How to up Your Fantasy Football Game

Fantasy Football, much like the Premier League itself, is a game of numbers. It’s no secret that £100m doesn’t go a long way when you’re trying to build a world-class team. So, if you want to beat your co-workers, friends and long-time rivals, you need to get creative with your capital. Here’s how:

Perfect the timing of your transfers

Throughout the league, leave your weekly transfers until as late as possible. Don’t rush and don’t change just for the sake of it. If your team is strong enough, keep it as is. Just because Steve from IT has swapped one of his strikers, doesn’t mean you have to! There are leaders and there are followers – be the former.

Back it up with multi-purpose defenders

When it comes to financing your team, don’t spend too much on a goalkeeper. As you know, goalkeepers accumulate points based on how many saves they make. So, if you’ve got a good name it’s likely they will have a good defence in front of them and won’t have a chance to rack up the points.

For those all-important triple points, look into recruiting defenders who score goals. Everton’s Baines and Coleman and Man City’s Kompany are your best bet for those six sweet points.

Don’t count entirely on your captain

Every fantasy football manager knows the feeling of depending on your captain on a Sunday, only to have your whole weekend ruined. A pro-trick is to pick your captain based on Monday’s match, so you gamble on your captain doing well the following night. While your opponents may be done by Sunday, you’ll still have points to gain come Monday. Back of the net!

Find your army of ‘special ones’

When it comes to great but moderately priced talent, there’s plenty to pick from. For £5.5-7.6 million you can get the likes of West Ham’s Payet, Bournemouth’s Callum Wilson and even Arsenal’s Mertesacker, who has been heavily reduced this season.

Equally, if you’re going for a few expensive players, back it up with capable but cheap players who play every week and still get you the appearance points.

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