The Cost of Being an NFL Fan

nfl fan

A common complaint amongst sports-fans is the extortionate prices they pay to see their team play (especially in the face of the ridiculous wages professional athletes earn).

It’s not only ticket prices. Food and drink in the stadiums and team memorabilia all add up.

Now NFL fans can see exactly how much rooting for the home team can cost them – and how much their rivals are having to shell out each time they go and see a game, with The Cost of Being an NFL Fan.

The New England Patriots – the winners of the last Super Bowl – is the fifth most expensive team to be a fan of. Fans of the defeated Atlanta Falcons can take some commiseration in coming second, as their team is 26th most expensive to be a fan of.

Find out which is the most expensive NFL team to follow and which is the cheapest with the Cost of Being an NFL Fan content piece.