Compare TV show house prices – then and now


How much is Sherlock Holmes’s place on Baker Street worth now? What about Mark and Jeremy’s pad in Peep Show? As London’s property market continues to swell, we’ve looked into the homes featured in some classic British TV shows to see how much they would be worth now.

And just to make it easier to digest, we decided to lay them out as they would be on an estate agent’s website.

Peckham was thought of as a fairly rough area in the 1980s when Only Fools and Horses first aired. However, Del Boy and Rodney’s flat is now in one of the trendiest spots in London. The flat had an estimated value of £29,000 in 1981 – let’s just say it is worth a lot more than that now.

Holland Park in west London has always been a well-to-do area, even when it was roundly mocked by Jennifer Saunders in Absolutely Fabulous. Edina Monsoon would have paid £554,758 for her home in 1993, but if she sold it today she would make a profit of almost £4million.

Despite their occupants being entirely fictional, viewing these homes as genuine real estate highlights how rapidly the property market can change and just how quickly an area’s value can grow.