Christmas by Numbers

It’s official. Christmas is on the horizon! To get you in the spirit, we’ve crunched the numbers and put together some little-known festive facts – and ammunition for the Christmas pub quiz – that are sure to blow your mind…

Girl with present and teddy on Christmas day

£1.8 billion – Will be withdrawn from UK cash machines over Christmas

£1.6 billion – The total spent by the UK at Christmas

£700 million – The amount spent on unwanted Christmas gifts

300 million – The number of mince pies eaten over Christmas

150 million – The number of cards and packets delivered by Royal Mail in the run-up to Christmas

60 million – The number of Christmas trees grown each year in Europe

£51 million – The amount saved each year through the use of discount voucher codes

£48 million – The total amount spent on Christmas puddings by the UK

25 million – The number of Christmas puddings we eat in the UK every year

10 million – The number of turkeys cooked in the UK every Christmas

8 million – The number of natural Christmas trees consumed by the UK each year

6.8 million – The number of iOS and Android devices that will be activated on Christmas day

6 million – The number of rolls of Sellotape that will be sold in the UK in the run up to Christmas

2,340,000 mph – The speed at which Santa’s sleigh would need to travel if he were to reach every home in the world on Christmas Eve

1.2 million – The number of Kindles given as presents at Christmas

600,000 – The number of letters sent to Santa every year

230,000 Tonnes – The amount of wasted Christmas food that is thrown away each year

120,000 Tonnes – The weight of potatoes that will be eaten over Christmas

30,000 – The number of participants in the largest ever Secret Santa, organised by Reddit in 2012

957 – The typical number of calories in your average Christmas dinner

822 – The number of houses Santa would need to visit every second if he were to make all his deliveries

£330 – The average amount a UK adult spends buying Christmas presents

83 Square km – The amount of wrapping paper sold in the UK every Christmas

57 – The number of Olympic-sized swimming pools that could be filled with the beer consumed in the UK over Christmas

45.72 Meters – The length of the biggest Christmas cracker ever made. It was also 3.04 meters wide

32.56 Meters – The length of the longest ever Christmas stocking. It was also 14.97m wide

16 – The average number of Christmas presents a UK child receives

15 – The average age of a Christmas tree when it is sold

3 – The number of Beatles Christmas number 1’s. The band achieved the top spot in 1963, 1965 and 1967

3:1 – The ratio by which natural Christmas trees outsell artificial Christmas trees


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