Do we care our pets can cost 10 times more than what we think?

A OnePoll survey commissioned by us reveals the true price we pay for our pets, and the results will shock you.

This interactive infographic looks at an array of pets — including dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish — and calculates their average lifetime cost based on many factors, such as food, toys, healthcare, and grooming.

Cats are more than twice as expensive as we think, with an average lifetime cost of £12,300, while dogs are over three times more expensive, with an average lifetime cost of £20,178.

Animal lovers who think smaller pets mean cheaper pets — beware. The estimated lifetime cost of a lizard was £321.50; it’s actual lifetime cost, on the other hand, is closer to £4,369 — over 14 times more.

Similarly, tortoises cost us over £25,000 in their lifetime, mostly due to the fact they live so long.

Our pets cost us more than we think, but do we really care?

The short answer: not really.

52% of people feel their pet is part of the family, and some 59% get their animals special food or treats for Christmas.

When participants found out the true cost of their pets, nearly half said they’d rather have their animal than use the money for a deposit on a home.

68% of pet owners said they’d rather have their pet than use the money to pay for their wedding, and 53% of pet owners would rather have their pet than have a baby.

What do you think? Look at our interactive infographic and find out how much your pet is costing you.