In search of a better work-life balance? You’d better pack a jumper

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

If you feel that the daily grind is missing something important then look north. Our research has revealed that Scandinavians enjoy a much better work-life balance than we do in the UK.

Denmark tops the list of European countries where you can make a good living without giving up all your evenings and holidays. Makes you think about stepping off the hamster wheel and grabbing yourself some hygge time.

When you take into account the length of the average working day, cost of living, annual number of days holidays, and other quality of life indicators, the UK sits solidly mid-table at, unlucky for some, 13 out of 24.

Propping up the leaderboard are the all-day strivers of Turkey, Latvia and Greece, while keeping their quest for the mighty Euro in healthy perspective alongside the Danes are the work hard play hard people of Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland.

Check out the rest of the table and see where you could find a happy and healthy work-life balance.