6 tricks to treat yourself to a cheap Halloween

At this time of the year, there’s only one question to be asked: are you going to celebrate Halloween? If you have kids, chances are you will even if you don’t really want to! Here are a few homemade ideas to get you started and save you some money in the process…


The spooky eyes

We’re guessing that your family use toilet paper and paper towels! Well empty rolls are the perfect budget trick. Cut two eyes in them in – whatever shape you want – drop a glow stick in them and hide them around the house and the garden. All you can see when the night falls are eyes lurking in the dark… Spooky!

The Ghosts

Another easy way to use what is lying around your house (without the mess of carving a pumpkin) is to just use a sharpie to draw spooky faces on plastic milk jugs! All you need is empty bottles, a marker pen and some glow sticks/LED lights… easy!

The Pumpkins


If you’re keen on having pumpkins for Halloween, but your kids are too young to carve them safely another alternative is to decorate them. You can do so with pens, glitter, stickers… and use the pumpkins afterwards to make a nice soup! Win-win!



Bowl of worms


It’s couldn’t be simpler: prepare some strawberry jelly, gather your straws and put them in a container (a glass or a jar). The straws need to fit tight. You can also tie them together. Pour the jelly over the straws and let it set. Once set, hold the straws over warm water until they slip out of the straws. Et voila!

The witches fingers


No Halloween party is complete without finger food. Speaking of which, how about making some deliciously disgusting witches fingers with cocktail sausages, a bit of onion and some ketchup! These are really effective, surprisingly tasty and are sure to gross your kids out!

The Mandarin Pumpkins


If you are more nutrition conscious and want your kid to have a healthier Halloween party, all it takes is some customised mandarins and oranges! Even better if your kid is a bit fussy about eating fruits, as this trick is sure to work. Yum!


We hope you have a lovely Halloween and if you end up doing any of these DIY projects, share a picture with us! We’d love to see what you’ve done!