5 Reasons to Consider a 0% Purchase Card

Planning a major purchase? If you want to spread the cost over a period of time, a 0% purchase credit card could be your best option – providing you keep on top of your repayments. Here are 5 reasons you should consider a 0% credit card for Christmas and beyond.

Shopper girl buying online with a laptop and credit card

There’s no cheaper way to borrow

0% purchase credit cards offer you an interest-free period of new spending that can last for over two years in some cases.

Providing you can afford the monthly repayments and can pay the entire balance back before the interest-free period ends, it is impossible to find a cheaper way to borrow.


Spread the cost of large purchases

If you’re considering a larger purchase, a 0% purchase credit card can be a clever borrowing tool.

Perfect for things that are harder to budget for and costly Christmas expenses, the longest 0% spending deals are with Yorkshire Banks’ Gold MasterCard or Clydesdale Bank’s Gold MasterCard, both offering 26 months.

Just be mindful of the APR after the 0% deal ends and of any fees before choosing a card.


Save yourself some cash

Not only does a 0% purchase card mean you can spread the cost of major purchases for free, you can actually save yourself more than interest in certain circumstances.

For example, buying an annual season ticket for the train or tube tends to save you money compared to buying shorter passes or individual journey tickets, yet the overall cost can be too pricey. However, buy it with a 0% credit card, spread the repayments over the year and you’ll get the bulk buy saving with bite-size monthly costs.


Keep building your credit rating

A good credit report will help you buy a house or a car and get you the best interest rates on both. A bad one will stop you getting pretty much anything you can’t pay up front for. Getting a 0% purchase credit card and using it sensibly is an ideal way to either improving or rehabilitating your current credit rating.


Benefit from consumer protection

Credit cards come with handy, free additional consumer protection, known as Section 75. So, if a purchase is faulty, isn’t as described or simply doesn’t turn up you can turn to your credit card provider for financial compensation as well as the retailer on any purchase between £100-£30,000.



Every credit card provider has different lending criteria, so it’s hard to know where to apply. This is where our FREE eligibility checker can help. Enter a few details about yourself and you’ll see the cards you’re most likely to be accepted for – and those that might reject you – without harming your credit rating.