5 ways to keep the kids busy on a budget

Summer has arrived and with it comes the age-old parental problem: how do I keep the kids entertained for 6 weeks without draining my bank balance? Fear not! Here are 5 purse-friendly ways to entertain your kids this summer.

1. The Big Screen

We all know how much kids love staring at tablets or TVs these days, so what better way to entertain them than the big screen? Odeon Kids has screenings every morning over the school holidays, with children’s tickets at just £2.50! Similarly, Vue’s KidsAM scheme has screenings every Saturday and Sunday morning, with both child and adult tickets priced at just £1.99!

2. Overcoming Obstacles

With kids spending more than enough time relaxing in front of the TV, every parent wants to make sure they stay active and healthy. But there’s no need to fork out for overpriced sporting activities! Why not create your own? We recommend an obstacle course, made using objects lying around the house. Whether it’s army crawling under a table or weaving quickly through an assortment of shoes, hats or anything else you can find, your child is guaranteed to enjoy the novelty of turning the house upside down for a bit of fast-paced fun! For more ideas, click here.

There’s no need to fork out for overpriced sporting activities! Why not try an obstacle course?

3. The Wild Wild West (End)

A great evening out for children is a trip to the West End in London; however, we all know how expensive tickets can be! Luckily, the West End has a great offer running throughout August, where kids go completely free with a full-paying adult. Kids Week is a scheme that allows families to have the magical experience of seeing a West End musical, without spending crazy amounts of money.

4. Let’s Get Quizzical

It’s all well and good letting the kids have fun over the summer, but with 6 weeks away from school it’s worth trying to keep their brains stimulated. A Family Quiz is a fun way to get the whole family involved. Quizzes are a great way for your child to not only enjoy some friendly competition, but also use their knowledge and learn new things! Download a free family quiz from the internet; find a prize for the winner (maybe some chocolate, or a treat) and let the fun begin! For downloadable quizzes, try here.

 With 6 weeks away from school, it’s worth trying to keep their brains stimulated!

5. Life is a Rollercoaster

Our final pick is a day out to a theme park. Kids love the adrenaline of rollercoasters and rides, so if the weather is good, theme parks are a guaranteed winner! Theme park entry prices are often too high to justify, but a great offer run by Kellogg’s is the “Grown-Ups Go Free” scheme. With the offer running until June 2016, all you need to do is look out for the coupons on selected Kellogg’s products and you’ll be able to get a free adult ticket when you purchase a full-priced child’s ticket. Participating theme parks include Thorpe Park, Chessington, Legoland, and many more!

Hopefully our 5 best picks for entertaining the kids this summer will help you to amuse your children, while saving money too! And if all else fails, why not kill two birds with one stone and try a room-tidying ‘competition’?