Save Money with These 5 Budgeting Tools

Budgeting is an art, it takes time and if you don’t know where to start or aren’t into couponing it can be a real hassle.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there that help you organise your finances and put money aside for what really matters. Here our 5 favourite apps and sites to help you keep to your budget.


Budget concept

Food shopping: My Supermarket

Both a website and free app, My Supermarket helps you compare your food shopping across 14 stores and tells you where your shop will be the cheapest. Better yet, you also benefit from cashback offers on a range of products.

Shopping online also pushes you to plan your meals and helps you avoid being attracted by special offers the same way. A definite win win.


Utilities: Meter Readings

This app is quite simple: it offers you a way to track your utility use. Just enter your readings and usage and it will calculate how much you are paying while comparing offers from competitors. You can make great savings by switching providers, but it also educates you on your usage and can help create better habits when it comes to consuming less. The best bit? You can switch directly from the app!


Managing your debts: Debt Manager

Debt Manager costs just £0.79 and intends to help you track and organise your multiple debts in order to pay them off in the cheapest and most efficient way possible. This is great for people who have different types of debt (mortgage, credit card, car lease…) and offers great help with organising and prioritising your debt.


Everyday savings: Vouchercloud

If you’re looking for savings, vouchercloud is the destination for online “couponing”; here you will find the best deals, offers and discounts from recognised UK retailers and businesses.

The variety of offers is impressive: from shopping, restaurants, holidays… you name it, they have an offer for it. They also have money saving guides to help you turn yourself into a thrift guru.


Monitoring everything: Money Wiz 2

Money Wiz 2 is the swiss army knife of the financial apps; at £3.86 it presents you with an overview of your accounts, bills, incomes and outcomes and can also help you get out of debt, remember upcoming bills and forecast your financial situation.

All your finances are manageable from the app, making it easier to have a healthy view of your expenditures. You can set up budgets and connect your online banking into the app. It does it all!