13 bizarre things we can’t believe people are making with credit cards

We all know that Pinterest and Etsy can be hot-beds for the strange and the puzzling, but a search for ‘credit cards’ can reveal some strange, and (very) occasionally beautiful, things. But as they say, one persons trash can be another’s treasure, so why don’t you be the judge? And, if you’re committed and maybe insane enough, why not make a few yourself?

An earphone holder…thing!

Headphone Tidy

Are your earphones always getting tangled up in your pocket? Of course they are! Do you have a spare credit card lying around? Of course you do! So you have no excuse not to make this. Just to be clear – we can think of no reason why you shouldn’t make this.



When making tiny dioramas of children at tables many of us often run out of imitation wood for furniture. It’s just how it goes. But no more. One enterprising credit card holder has shown us all the solution to our very specific problem. They’ve used their credit card as an obvious substitute for a wooden table top, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.



Want some extra street cred(it)? Then strut out this summer in a pair of credit card shades. But make sure the two cards you glue together match. We don’t want you looking stupid now do we…

A frame for a mirror!

Mirror Frame

If you’re fed up of ugly mirror frames made of ‘wood’ and ‘metal’ then all you have to do is collect a handful of cards, cut them up, stick them to said materials and then display your new creation proudly on your mantelpiece. But seriously, this is one of the better things here and it could be yours, if you have at least 20 expired cards to hand (in which case we’re impressed and/or concerned).

A way to show people your name!


People getting people’s names wrong – you hate to see it. Well some enterprising soul has found a way to put a stop to this source of socially awkward confusion. They’ve cut their name out of an old credit card and hung it around their neck. That way, whenever they meet someone, as long they are wearing an open necked top and the other person has got a microscope, no one will be getting any names wrong. Perfect.

A decorative necklace!

Decorative Necklace

When walking past a jewellery shop are you one of the millions who get a sudden and uncontrollable urge to get out the plastic and start spending? If so, save yourself from the financial pain your affliction can bring. Cut up those cards, and make them into some DIY jewellery, and, in the process, heal yourself. A credit card necklace won’t only make you look good, it will make you a better person.



Seriously, don’t you want to be a more beautiful and better person?

Something to prop your phone up!

Phone Stand

Those nifty cases that allow you to prop your phone up when you are watching or reading aren’t the cheapest things now are they? Well, in a surprisingly elegant piece of recycling someone has actually solved your problem at a cut down price, simply by making the right cuts. See, old cards can be useful.

Guitar picks!


For your guitar.

A glue-spreader!


DIY credit card creations can even be handy for DIY. By affixing an expired or cancelled card to a glue bottle, you can apply glue in the smooth, dollopless way you’ve always wanted to. Basically, if using two hands for the job has always bothered you then this essentially let’s you do it with one. Is that amazing? We aren’t quite sure.

A pocket-sized picture frame

Tiny Picture Frame

  1. Tiny pictures need tiny frames.
  2. Credit cards are tiny and can have holes cut in them.

That must have been the rationale.

A wreath?


It’s a bit of a mystery as to why you’d want a wreath made of credit cards, but someone has made one, and as we’ll begrudgingly admit, it’s rather pretty.

A ‘diamond’

Diamond Ring

This one may seem more ridiculous than most but that’s because it was created for artistic reasons. Artist Kristal Romano, as part of her Commodities Collection, created a MasterCard in the shape of a diamond to ‘question our cultural beliefs about value and material possessions’.  She also succeeded in creating the worst and most metaphorically potent wedding ring ever.