11 of the strangest rewards for spending on your credit card

We’ve all heard of credit card reward programs that get you free air travel, free supermarket shopping or in the case of cashback, free money. But what many of you might have missed is that the world of credit card rewards can be much, much weirder.

A 68-Foot Yacht


Provider: Etihad Guest, Etihad Airways
Cost: 386,000,000 points

Do you have 386,000,000 Etihad Guest rewards points lying around? Us neither, but we wish we did. All of those points could net you a $3,500,000 Azimut 68S yacht, big enough for five (very grateful) friends who you could accommodate in three ‘expansive’ cabins.

And what’s more, delivery is included in the price, although if you’re rich enough to get your hands on one of these, we’re not sure you’d notice if it wasn’t.

A ‘Sockscription’


Provider: Miles & More, Lufthansa Airlines
Cost: 7,500 points

For the traveller who doesn’t have time to wash their socks BLACKSOCKS have teamed up with Lufthansa to provide a ‘sockscription’ service for frequent fliers. The package guarantees that, for 7,500 points, you will be delivered three pairs of clean, black, calf socks, wherever you are on Earth (within reason), for a year.

With three fresh pairs only winging your way only ‘several times a year’ though, it’s probably best you do a bit of washing in the meantime. That, or get yourself a few more sockscriptions.

A chance to build houses with an ex-US President

habitat for humanity

Provider: SkyMiles, Delta Airlines
Cost: 401,000 points

Although unavailable now, back in 2009 Lufthansa auctioned off a Habitat for Humanity home-building trip to Thailand, accompanied by none other than peanut farmer ex-President of the United States Jimmy Carter. The charity trip was won by a highest bid of 401,000 and included flights, food, non-alcoholic drinks and a President. What more could you want?

A leather vest signed by George Clooney

George Clooney

Provider: Aeroplan, Air Canada
Cost: 177,000 points

There’s not much to say about this one – it’s what the title says. It’s a leather vest signed by George Clooney. And it’s a real offer. However, the leather/Clooney enthusiasts among you may be saddened to hear that this one has sold out. Better keep your eyes peeled then, for the next niche piece of clothing George decides to sign.

A dog collar-mounted ‘poop bag’ dispenser

Dog Bag

Provider: Thank You Rewards, Citibank
Cost: 2,200 points

Your dog will be the talk of the park when it saunters in wearing this little number. For a mere 2,200 points in Citibank’s Thank You Rewards scheme this convenient (and fashionable) ‘poop bag’ dispenser could be yours to, well, dispense poop bags on the go. Citibank – here to make sure you never leave a poop behind.

The chance to see a wish specialist

Genie Bottle

Provider: Thank You Rewards, Citibank
Cost: 10,000 points

Again, Citibank Thank You Rewards comes through for us by offering its customers a strange service. The ‘Your Wish Fulfilled’ service offers you (at a cost of 10,000 points) the opportunity to meet a ‘Wish Specialist’ who will then try to make your dreams come true, if you have the points to pay for it, of course.

A Virgin Galactic space flight

Virgin Galactic

Provider: Flying Club, Virgin Atlantic
Cost: 2,000,000 points to enter a prize draw

For those not content with merely flying from place to place with their reward points, Virgin are offering the opportunity to jet straight upward with Virgin Galactic. For 2,000,000 points you can be entered into a draw (that’s right, a draw) where you will have the chance of winning a seat on Galactic’s first commercial flight into sub-orbital space.

So, 2,000,000 points for only the chance of a reward… But hey, what a reward.

A week on Richard Branson’s private island

Necker Island

Provider: Flying Club, Virgin Atlantic
Cost: 1,000,000 points

For those of you with points topping seven-figures, Virgin Limited Edition offers a range of premium properties for holiday rental, including Richard Branson’s very own private island at a none-too-shabby price of 1,000,000 Flying Club points. In real world money a seven-night stay for two people would usually cost upwards of $28,000, but with Virgin’s rewards scheme the big spenders among you can get it for free.

A Great White Shark Cage Dive

Great White

Provider: Business Card Rewards, Wells Fargo
Cost: 72,800 points

If you’re the type of person who likes to be in the sea rather than lounging beside it, this reward might be for you. You know, if you like to be in the sea with a Great White Shark. Thankfully, your 72,800 points will provide a cage and scuba gear for your diving experience, because let’s be honest here – you aren’t designed to be in the sea with a two-tonne maneater.

A virtual horse in Farmville

Thank You Rewards, Citibank
Cost: 1,100 points

It’s Citibank again and this time, for the rock-bottom price of 1,100 points, they are offering you your very own set of pixels, arranged in such a way as to resemble a horse. Apparently, if you place it next to another such horse in the game there is a chance they will create another horse – a third horse. And if that’s not value for money we don’t know what is.

A 14-Carat Gold ‘Queen Bee Bead’

Queen Bee

Provider: Membership Rewards, American Express
Cost: 62,800 points

It’s made of 14-carat gold. It’s a piece of decorative jewellery. It will require you to make over $60,000 in purchases on your credit card to be able to afford it. It’s a pendant in the shape of a queen bee. That’s it. That’s all it is.