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Brits Burning £192 Million in Card Charges Abroad

This year 30 million consumers are planning on going abroad and a new study from credit comparison w

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Brits Burning £192 Million in Card Charges Abroad


This year 30 million consumers are planning on going abroad and a new study from credit comparison website Totallymoney.com, reveals that these holidaymakers will be spending £9 billion in overseas plastic spending – running up a potential £387 million in fees and charges if they pack the wrong cards. When using plastic abroad the charges that are… Read more »

One in Five Brits Pay Household Bills on Credit Cards

woman with head on pile of bills

With the 1st April bill hikes from energy, council tax and water suppliers looming, new research from TotallyMoney.com shows that 21% of consumers are already using credit cards to pay monthly household bills. With the majority of providers already levying a surcharge of around 2% for credit cards payments, an overreliance on plastic could mean that… Read more »

Withdrawing Cash Is Costing UK Consumers £214 Million a Year

Taking money from a cash point.

Despite record low interest rates continuing into their fifth anniversary in recent weeks, new research released by Totallymoney.com, reveals that the cost of withdrawing cash on a credit card has actually increased over the past four years. From 2010 to 2014 the average cash withdrawal fee has risen by almost 20% from £2.81 to £3.34,… Read more »

Dumfries Crowned Credit Card Rejection Capital of the UK

credit card application - denied

As the UK emerges from economic turmoil, consumers are finally feeling confident enough to spend money on credit. But as the ‘Credit Index’ and interactive map released today by TotallyMoney.com shows, it’s not a free-for-all out there. Research reveals that over the past year 61% of UK consumers applying for new credit cards have been… Read more »

Barclaycard Win the Balance Transfer War

Interest rate 0%

Last week Halifax and Barclaycard battled to get the longest 0% balance transfer deal on the market. Whilst Halifax matched Barclaycard’s previous best of 30 months interest free, Barclaycard pushed the boundaries and released the longest 0% deal ever at a whopping 31 months. Will Becker, CEO and co-founder of TotallyMoney.com, has this to say… Read more »

A Holiday to Tenerife Could Take Consumers Ten Years to Pay off

Holiday essentials

As we reach the end of the biggest holiday booking month of the year, new findings released by credit card comparison website TotallyMoney.com, in partnership with the Centre for Retail Research, reveal that consumers are set to add a whopping £9 billion to their credit card bills during 2014 on holiday bookings alone – 8%… Read more »

Credit Card Spending Set to Rise by 8% in 2014

market trend chart

Following reports of increased retail spend throughout December, a new study released by TotallyMoney.com, in partnership with the Centre for Retail Research, reveals that this trend is set to continue throughout the next 12 months. In 2014 UK consumers are expected to spend over £86 billion on credit cards, carrying out 54 million additional retail… Read more »

Meltdown on Friday 13th With Credit Card Spend Set to Peak At £400 Million


With the Christmas countdown well underway, a new study released by TotallyMoney.com in partnership with the Centre for Retail Research, revealed that Friday 13th December was forecasted to be the biggest credit card spending day of the year. Throughout ‘Plastic Fantastic’ day consumers were predicted to make 23.2 million transactions worth £870 million, with almost… Read more »

Saving Money After the Autumn Statement

Background made from money

Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that on average, consumers can expect to save £50 on their energy bills thanks to initiatives that will reduce financial pressure on energy companies. This is largely to counteract increasing energy costs, with the big six suppliers raising their prices by 37% since October 2010. When questioned as to… Read more »

Make the Most of Black Friday Deals

Black Friday

For the avid shoppers out there, you’re probably well aware of the delightful deals Black Friday brings. Millions of Brits rush to grab a bargain at retail stores across the UK for the event once a year. Despite being an American custom, Black Friday has made its way into the UK market, becoming increasingly popular… Read more »