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What if the cost of your weekly food shop had risen at the same rate as house prices?

Statistics show that house prices across most of the UK are now rising at almost pre-credit crun

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13 bizarre things we can’t believe people are making with credit cards


We all know that Pinterest and Etsy can be hot-beds for the strange and the puzzling, but a search for ‘credit cards’ can reveal some strange, and (very) occasionally beautiful, things. But as they say, one persons trash can be another’s treasure, so why don’t you be the judge? And, if you’re committed and maybe… Read more »

Five credit cards for ultra-VIPs

Royal Legend

The world of VIP credit cards is a strange one of 24-hour concierge service, business lounges and private jets. They’re commonplace among the elite card holders of this world. But there are VIP cards and then there are ultra-VIP cards… Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card The ridiculous bit: It’s made from solid gold That’s right…. Read more »

Five innovations set to shape future credit cards

Credit Card Computer

If the introduction of contactless payment was a step too far for you, look away now because credit cards are about to get way more high-tech. NFC-enabled phones Who needs credit cards when you’ve got a mobile wallet? You’ve already seen the beginning of Near Field Communication (NFC) implementation with contactless payment. When it comes… Read more »

The six most outrageous credit card bills of all time


There are some people out there with so much money that it can sometimes be hard to grasp just how much they have – well, these credit card bills might help you get a handle on it. And when you’re pushing the boundaries of credit card spending to the limit, it pays to be packing… Read more »

11 of the strangest rewards for spending on your credit card

Virgin Galactic

We’ve all heard of credit card reward programs that get you free air travel, free supermarket shopping or in the case of cashback, free money. But what many of you might have missed is that the world of credit card rewards can be much, much weirder. A 68-Foot Yacht Provider: Etihad Guest, Etihad Airways Cost:… Read more »

Brits Burning £192 Million in Card Charges Abroad


This year 30 million consumers are planning on going abroad and a new study from credit comparison website Totallymoney.com, reveals that these holidaymakers will be spending £9 billion in overseas plastic spending – running up a potential £387 million in fees and charges if they pack the wrong cards. When using plastic abroad the charges that are… Read more »

One in Five Brits Pay Household Bills on Credit Cards

woman with head on pile of bills

With the 1st April bill hikes from energy, council tax and water suppliers looming, new research from TotallyMoney.com shows that 21% of consumers are already using credit cards to pay monthly household bills. With the majority of providers already levying a surcharge of around 2% for credit cards payments, an overreliance on plastic could mean that… Read more »

Withdrawing Cash Is Costing UK Consumers £214 Million a Year

Taking money from a cash point.

Despite record low interest rates continuing into their fifth anniversary in recent weeks, new research released by Totallymoney.com, reveals that the cost of withdrawing cash on a credit card has actually increased over the past four years. From 2010 to 2014 the average cash withdrawal fee has risen by almost 20% from £2.81 to £3.34,… Read more »