We’re a small team, but we’re driving big changes in how customers access their financial data and apply for credit.


Front-end Developer

Back-end Developer

No recruiters please, we have a roster of agencies we’ve grown to trust and know we can rely on.



Our team of product managers, designers and data analysts work hard to make sure we build the right products for our users.

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Our team of developers has built a sophisticated free credit report and powerful credit comparison platforms.

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The commercial team is passionate about building lasting, meaningful partnerships.

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We have a proven track record of reaching the widest audience for our credit comparison service.

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Our finance and compliance team sets robust process and reports on the success of the business.

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Growing Talent

We’re dedicated to continuous learning and professional development. That’s why we started the Skills Sessions. These presentations and workshops harness our in-house talent and bring in industry leaders to share their experiences and knowledge.

The Skills Sessions

Agile business development

Hemal Kuntawala, M&S Venture Lab, introduces the ways in which Marks & Spencer are embracing agile workflows to explore new retail opportunities.

Developing a TV creative from brief to delivery

Joe Gardiner, TotallyMoney Head of Brand & Communications, looks at how to make sure you get the TV ad that you want.

Understanding credit

Chris Robertson, Experian, explains the science behind credit decisions and the way in which better data is helping TotallyMoney customers find better deals.

Internship programme

TotallyMoney’s internships offer real-life work experience that you’ll want to tell your friends and family about.

We accept interns in many of our departments including Development and Marketing where they work alongside a full-time staff mentor. All our interns are given the opportunity to work on live projects and make a genuine contribution to the business.

You’ll walk away with valuable industry experience that will help you on your future career path as well as having made some new friends. The work will be challenging and the learning curve will be steep, but you’ll find a supportive environment in which to help you achieve a rewarding goals. We have a friendly, work hard, play hard culture (no dress code) and we pay our interns the London Living wage.

If you’re interested in applying for an internship please drop us a line.

Meet some of our previous interns:

Marketing intern

“I’ve always had an interest in the way people think and this curiosity naturally feeds into the creative side of marketing.

“My main role is to manage our social media pages, sending out regular posts, doing research and writing blog posts twice a week, while coming up with ideas for campaigns to build our engagement. On top of this, I help Bianca, the copywriter, with any advertising copy that needs writing, from across all of the company’s products.

“I’ve also been lucky to get involved with the creative discussions and processes surrounding the company’s content projects. The main thing I like about working here is that I actually get to do work that makes a difference. The company is so small that everyone has a very specific role and it’s great to be able to have so much responsibility as a newcomer.

“The highlight of my internship was making a significant breakthrough with our presence on Twitter. An article I wrote about five London FinTech start-ups, as part of London FinTech Week, got the most engagement we’ve ever had! I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in the creative side of advertising and marketing at TotallyMoney, and now have much more confidence to succeed in the industry!

“As an employer, I think TotallyMoney tries hard to encourage a relaxed, but fast-paced, working atmosphere. The company is constantly coming up with new ideas, so it’s an exciting place to work.”

Development intern

“Until this internship, web design remained a hobby for me.

“Having just completed my Master’s degree, this position caught my eye because it offered me the opportunity to work in an agile environment.

“Initially, I spent most of my time making small changes to code, writing tests, and pairing up with experienced developers. But after a couple of weeks I was given my own application to develop, which was really encouraging! The other developers always give me advice and never seem to mind me asking for help when I need it. A lot of the time I am left to get on with my work, which makes me feel trusted and like a member of the team.

“I’ve participated in sprints, worked on existing code, created a new application for the business, all the while making use of many different modern technologies and tools. What I had hoped most to gain from the experience was an opportunity to work on large scale professional projects and see how development teams operate day-to-day, and I have not been disappointed.

“I hadn’t looked into FinTech before, but after having a great experience at TotallyMoney I now plan on looking for jobs at similar organisations. Creating an application that solved a real-life problem for the business was a great moment.

“The internship has shown me that I’m suited to the industry, and, as long as I’m willing to keep working hard, I can succeed at it. I’ve now got invaluable professional experience that I can put on my CV, discuss in interviews, and apply to my next role. Furthermore, I’ve met a lot of great people with whom I hope to remain in touch!”