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Customer complaints about credit cards continue to fall

The number of complaints received by the financial ombudsman service about credit cards has fallen for the third consecutive year. The ombudsman’s annual review of consumer complaints, published today, reported 8,200 received complaints in 2016, down from 19,634 in 2013; a drop of 58% over three years.1 Many of the complaints received were about claims…


Is Programmatic TV Bad News For Advertisers?

There has been a fair amount of buzz about the advent of programmatic TV (PT) recently. Simply speaking, PT will enable advertisers to target TV ads to specific households based on their demographic and geographic profiles. For example, Rolls Royce might only want to serve their ads to very affluent postcodes, while my local takeaway…


Get on the electoral roll and make your voice heard

One in six Londoners risks not having a voice in the upcoming mayoral elections. With just five days until the 18 April deadline for voter registration, nearly one million people living in the capital who are old enough to vote are not on the electoral roll. Voiceless: The percentage of unregistered eligible voters in each London borough…


Match Factor: Smarter Credit Comparison

I’m excited to be able to announce a first for the credit industry: intelligent search results ranking for credit products. Match Factor performs a series of complex calculations and analyses of eligibility; APR and other product features; lender acceptance data; and usability and user experience insights. These algorithms are personalised to reveal the best…


Why we want to End Duchenne in Ten

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a devastating disease; it’s the most common fatal genetic disease diagnosed in childhood, it’s 100% fatal and there is no cure. Those affected by Duchenne, most of whom are boys, will be in a wheelchair by the age of 10-12 years and few live much beyond their 21st birthday. Emily Crossley,…


Coffee shop UX – a cup of feedback to go

So, guerrilla user testing. Sure, we’ve all heard people say: “Just go to Starbucks and offer people coffee in exchange for testing your app”, but to me that raises a whole bunch of questions: What kind of testing can you get out of bothering people? How can you know they are the right type of…