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Optimising Trustpilot customer review invitations using unique links…and open sourcing our solution

At, we love helping our customers make good decisions supported by reliable information. When it comes to evaluating our products, and the services we provide, who could be a more reliable source of information than our existing customers? Trustpilot source and publish customer reviews, including comments, and a star rating out of 5. In…


Espruino at

I found out about the Espruino Pico from a Hackaday post a while ago. The idea of being able to easily develop embedded applications with JavaScript (which, as a web developer, I already do a lot of) was enticing, and it got me back into the world of microcontrollers and electronics, which is a lot…


Google compare? Is it fair?

Google avoids legal censure in the US for monopolistic abuse: but is the FTC right? Here’s the inside track from the UK. Yesterday the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it would not be taking legal action against Google for monopolistic abuses provided that Google changed some of its business practices relating to mobile patents. Interestingly,…


Is the tech sector running scared of Google?

Last week, Google’s settlement offer to the EU Competition Commission was revealed. Predictably, the offer was pretty half-hearted. But the UK online comparison industry, which will be heavily affected, has so far remained publicly silent. Google was hoping to address the EU’s concerns that its promotion of its own vertical search services is anti-competitive (amongst…


The credit card innovation that’s going to decimate payday

Can I be the first to say that there’s an innovation coming in credit cards that’s going to take huge chunks out of the payday market? Payday’s growth has been astonishing in speed and scale. The credit crunch and recession that followed left an enormous, underserved gap in the loans market beneath the high street…


Britain’s billion pound tech success

Congratulations to Our biggest competitor became a billion pound company for the first time this week as its share price climbed to an all-time high of £1.92. Moneysupermarket is a brilliant business and an enormous force for good. They claim to have saved consumers billions; I think that’s true: they’ve disrupted nearly every market vertical they’ve touched. They…


Help Consumers? Ignore the Law

This is a curious case about the credit regulations that even the Regulator appears to dislike. (MSE) is one of the most trusted and influential consumer finance websites in part because they explain things simply. In the interests of clarity MSE pretty much ignores the consumer credit advertising regulations and the regulator doesn’t seem…