Take a look under the hood with the TotallyMoney developers.

Coffee shop UX – a cup of feedback to go

So, guerrilla user testing. Sure, we’ve all heard people say: “Just go to Starbucks and offer people coffee in exchange for testing your app”, but to me that raises a whole bunch of questions: What kind of testing can you get out of bothering people? How can you know they are the right type of…


Cleaning up Docker images on Jenkins build machines

We use Jenkins to build production-ready Docker images here at TotallyMoney. The setup works really well, but we encounter regular problems with high disk usage from Docker. This is primarily because old, untagged images aren’t cleaned up either during a new image build or on a timed basis. This is safe of course, particularly for…


Birth of an App

Here’s a visualisation of the evolution of the loans comparison platform.   The video shows the creation of files and changes made to them over time as the application was developed. These changes are recorded via Git, a software version control system, and was visualised using gource. Folders and files are shown as lines…


Carry on up the Amazon

If I’m honest, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Summit in London was a little bit of a sales conference, with Andy Jassy, the Senior VP for Amazon Web Services, talking up the numbers that demonstrate the growth and dominant position of AWS. Not that some of those numbers weren’t impressive – Elastic Compute Cloud…


Optimising Trustpilot customer review invitations using unique links…and open sourcing our solution

At, we love helping our customers make good decisions supported by reliable information. When it comes to evaluating our products, and the services we provide, who could be a more reliable source of information than our existing customers? Trustpilot source and publish customer reviews, including comments, and a star rating out of 5. In…


Espruino at

I found out about the Espruino Pico from a Hackaday post a while ago. The idea of being able to easily develop embedded applications with JavaScript (which, as a web developer, I already do a lot of) was enticing, and it got me back into the world of microcontrollers and electronics, which is a lot…