Overtime Survey 2017: UK is working for free from 25 October

Almost everyone thinks they deserve to get paid more and work less. And our annual investigation into unpaid overtime in Britain shows it could be worse than you think. We asked 2,000 workers about the hours they put in and found that unpaid overtime isn’t an occasional effort, but rather a regular part of working life.

Use our Overtime Calculator to see how much unpaid overtime you’re putting in and how much money you’re potentially losing out on. Are you getting paid what you deserve in the run up to Christmas?

Overtime worked per week

Are you paid for overtime

  • Yes 36%
  • No 64%

Overtime Survey Overview

Our survey uncovers the shocking truth about the overtime habits of British workers.

The Gender Overtime Gap

The research found that pay differences between the genders can be found in overtime pay as well.

Regional Differences

Where in the UK are people doing the most overtime? Putting in an average of 9.6 hours a week, Londoners do the most overtime out of any region in the UK.

However, Londoners are often compensated for their extra hours. Unpaid overtime is at its highest in the East Midlands with 71% of workers undertaking unpaid overtime. The West Midlands ranks as the most likely place to be paid for overtime worked (47% of workers from this area said they are financially compensated for extra hours).

Why People Work Overtime

Many reasons contribute to workers putting in the overtime, however only 18% of men and 30% of women said they worked overtime for the money. The biggest reason for both genders was down to excessive workloads.

The research also found that one in four londoners feels pressured to do overtime at work in order to move forward in their careers.

Overtime Worked by Industry

Although overtime is common across all industries there are some differences in the amount of overtime worked and the reasons behind it.