TotallyMoney’s commercial team is passionate about building lasting, meaningful relationships with our partners and affiliates.

Meet the team

Charlie Gordon
Commercial Manager

Tom Cross
Commercial Manager

Damian Winter
Senior Commercial Analyst

Senthuran Jeyapalan
Commercial Analyst

Kesha Gohil
Commercial Analyst

James Croft
Head of Loans and Mortgages

Creating new opportunties

Helping lenders improve the customer experience.

Each member of the team works closely with lenders, as well as our marketing and product development teams, to ensure that we can deliver the best match between customer and lender. This means fewer rejections and a better service for people looking for credit.

The team is also focused on creating new opportunities to expand our roster of white label clients as well as helping lenders improve the customer experience they offer with our credit matching service. Join us in making the credit market fairer.