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Why your score matters

Take control

Knowing your eligibility score is the key to taking control of your finances. And living your life the way you want to.

Build trust

Your score gives you a peek into how much trust banks, insurers and even phone companies place in you.

More options

The more confidence they have in you, the better the offers and savings that will be available to you. And the better the options open to you.

Get ahead

Whatever your plans, knowing your eligibility score will help you take the next step towards making them real.

Get the full picture and do more

Your eligibility report. It’s yours. For free. For life.

  • Use your report to find out how to make your credit work harder for you.
  • See personalised credit insights to match your individual circumstances.
  • It’s automatically updated every month and you’ll get an alert to let you know about any changes.
  • Or you can log in to your online dashboard and check your report at any time.
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Open the door to more choice

If you’re stuck with a pre-payment electricity meter, it could be that you’re being held back by a low eligibility score. And you could find that you’re locked out of the cheapest energy deals. Building your eligibility score will convince suppliers that you can manage your payments and allow you to switch to cheaper billing.

The same goes for your phone. Not only is a monthly contract cheaper, it’s more convenient than managing pay-as-you-go top ups. A high eligibility score will help you connect with better deals.

With a low eligibility score, you’ll find it hard to rent a flat. A landlord will only take you on as a tenant if they can trust you to pay your rent on time. Finding out your score is the first step towards improving it and opening the door to renting a place of your own.

Take control of your eligibility score and you can start to enjoy more independence and freedom.

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Unleash your purchasing power

Spending is easier to manage when your eligibility score shows that you’re in control. You’re more likely to be offered the financial flexibility of an overdraft when your eligibility score shows you in a good light. And you’re more likely to be accepted for a credit card when you start your application with an eligibility check.

Protect your credit rating

Checking your eligibility score has no impact on your credit rating. So you can look as often as you like.

Your score is based on a soft search of your credit file. This means that only you know the result and lenders can’t see that you’ve been looking.

Just answer a few simple questions about you, your home and your job and we can match you with lenders who we know are looking for people like you.

And that’s just the start. Your eligibility score is only one part of your full, free eligibility report.

Kickstart your life plans today

Knowing that you have access to affordable credit makes many of life’s big decisions easier.

You’ll find that as your eligibility score rises you unlock longer repayment terms to finance a new car or on a loan to make some improvements around the house.

And when you come to take out a mortgage, whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking for your next family home or downsizing now that the children have flown the nest, your eligibility report will help you find the best rates.

Whatever your next move in life, it pays to know the score.

Your eligibility score will help you make your next money decision the right decision.

More than a number

Not all scores are created equal.

  • Your Free Eligibility Score is the only score that is directly related to the credit that is available to you.
  • We look at the leading lenders to see how many of their products you are eligible for and how likely you are to be accepted for each of them.
  • Your Free Eligibility Score unlocks your borrowing options.
  • Because it reflects shifts in the market as well as changes in your circumstances, your Free Eligibility Score is a true index of your credit status.
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