How do you keep up with a constantly growing and evolving market? We share our thoughts on keeping marketing relevant.

Creative marketing makes awards’ shortlists

It’s awards season and is mixing it with some major league players in shortlists for the DADIs and the Masters of Marketing. Our Commuter Hotspots Tool has been shortlisted in the Branded Content category at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries (DADI) awards. The interactive map that allows users to narrow down their search for…


Is Programmatic TV Bad News For Advertisers?

There has been a fair amount of buzz about the advent of programmatic TV (PT) recently. Simply speaking, PT will enable advertisers to target TV ads to specific households based on their demographic and geographic profiles. For example, Rolls Royce might only want to serve their ads to very affluent postcodes, while my local takeaway…


Why Facebook ads are what online banners always wanted to be

Online banner advertising (aka standard display, display advertising) is 22 years old this year[1]. Over £2BN was spent on this channel in 2015[2]. Yet most people I speak to struggle to make this channel scale or drive an impressive return on investment. In the late ’90s, banner ads were measured on click through rates[3] and…


Build, Measure, Earn

Anyone who has read Eric Ries’ seminal work, The Lean Start-Up, will be fully accustomed with his Build-Measure-Learn (BML) methodology. The broad premise is for start-ups to evolve and grow through a constant cycle of testing, using data to influence every decision. While the methodology in Ries’ book specifically refers to technology start-ups, many (if…