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Thousands of people use our service every day to find the loan or credit card they are most likely to be accepted for. See what your eligibility score means for you today.

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What is it and why should you get one?

  • Your free eligibility score shows you how much trust lenders place in you.
  • Use your score to find out how to make your credit work harder for you.
  • See personalised credit insights for your individual circumstances.
  • It’s automatically updated every month and you’ll get an alert to let you know about any changes.
  • You can log in to your online dashboard and check your score at any time.

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See how our top player stays Totally Eligible

Stay one step ahead

Evie Bishop (‘Mrs B’ or ‘The Bish’ to her teammates) got her free eligibility score, and now she can always see one step ahead.

Avoid any risks

Getting her score had no impact on her credit rating – The Bish takes no risks while dominating the field or planning her financial future.

Know what's on the cards

Mrs B was able to see exactly what was on the cards when it came to credit products she might be eligible for.

Please note Evie Bishop is not a real person. Her skills really are too good to be true.

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Who is TotallyMoney?

TotallyMoney has been helping customers get better, fairer credit deals since 2007.

More than 1,000 people check their eligibility using TotallyMoney’s comparison platforms every day.

TotallyMoney was one of the pioneers of the pre-application eligibility check to help customers avoid credit-damaging rejection. It continues to develop innovative services and features that put customers in control of their finances and support them as they build their financial foundations.