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The UK Credit Eligibility Map from

Want to know if you’re keeping up with the Joneses? You can now see how creditworthy your neighbours are with the UK Eligibility map. has mapped out the average eligibility scores around the UK to highlight the differences in access to credit throughout the country. You can see the average eligibility score of each UK postcode area using the interactive map: The research shows that out of the countries that make up the UK, Northern Ireland has the best average eligibility score, with 333 out of 1000. England is close in second place with 331, followed by Scotland (328) and Wales (319). Other interesting points found in the research: -       Bradford was found to have the highest average eligibility score out of the UK’s largest cities, while Scottish cities Glasgow and Edinburgh also rank highly. -       Of the UK’s ten most populated cities, six (Bradford, London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield) have an average eligibility score which sits equal to or above the national average of 329. -       With 357 out of 1000, the KT postcode area of Kingston was found to have the highest average eligibility score in the UK. The lowest was SA (Swansea) with 313. -       The top four areas with the highest average eligibility scores (Kingston, Twickenham, Bromley and South-West London), all lie in the South-East of England. Here are the UK’s ten largest cities ranked by their average eligibility scores.


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Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications at, said of the research: “It’s fascinating to see the variation in eligibility scores across the UK. “We hope people will use this map to see how their own eligibility score compares to the average in their local area and, in turn, take steps to improve their score. “Of course, the first step is simply to head over to and get your free eligibility score.” What is an eligibility score? Your eligibility score is an indicator of your chances of being accepted when you apply for credit. Scored out of 1000, the higher your eligibility score, the more attractive you are to lenders. The score, unique to, takes into account crucial information that is excluded from your credit score but still forms part of credit providers’ lending criteria. Your eligibility score considers your credit history along with changes in the market, making it the only score that is directly related to the credit that is available to you. Checking your eligibility has no impact on your credit score. We run a soft search on your credit file to generate your score. Soft searches are generally not visible to lenders, but if they are, lending decisions are unaffected. Using the eligibility report can enable people to improve their score and take control of their financial situation. The report allows people to see how likely they are to be accepted for credit products including cards, loans and mortgages. The scores featured in our research come from users. has spent seven years helping people with poor credit improve their financial situation – because of this the average eligibility score of our users may appear slightly low. An eligibility score is a real-time snapshot of someone's access to credit. Therefore, the average scores can fluctuate day-to-day due to changes in people's credit files or in the market. All the averages used in this research were calculated on 18 April 2017. What affects your eligibility score? Missing monthly payments on credit cards or loans, or exceeding your credit limit will negatively impact your eligibility score. There are steps you can take to improve a low eligibility score. By getting a credit card designed for people with a poor credit history and using it sensibly, for example, spending a little on it each month and always making sure you pay off the balance in full, you can establish a better credit history. Other changes you can make, will help lenders see you as more reliable and improve your eligibility score. Ensure that you are registered to vote and try not to change your home address too often. Lenders look for stability in your life and are more likely to trust you to repay a card or loan responsibly if you look like you’ve put down roots.

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