UK & Ireland Cost Obsessions Revealed

May 27th 2015

If ‘you are what you Google’, then what do popular search terms reveal about the UK and Ireland? has mapped the common cost concerns of people from Exeter to Edinburgh, and found it’s all about tobogganing in Ipswich, weed in Manchester and even prostitutes in Sheffield. costobs_embed Cosmetic procedures are a popular trend, with liposuction in Perthshire and Botox in Essex, Norwich, Nottingham and Glasgow.Alongside typical outgoings like ‘parking’ and ‘council tax’, the results show a somewhat surprising overview of the UK’s cost obsessions.  If you assumed a loaf of bread was the standard by which we think about spending in Britain, think again…

  • Liverpudlians have swapped Scouse Brows in favour of Hypnotherapy.
  • Beer in Edinburgh and Cardiff and the cost of a night out in Newcastle are a firm priority.
  • In matters of life and death, people are searching for IVF in Plymouth and funerals in Galway.
  • Most controversial was the result of an abortion in Belfast, where the procedure is still illegal.
  • Light-hearted searches include bowling in Luton and ice skating in Grimsby.
  • Proving Britain is a house-proud nation, a dropped kerb ranks in Birmingham, while skip hire is concerning those in Ayr and Leicester.
  • Love is in the air with the cost of a marriage license appearing across the board.

  costobs_mancweed Running wildcard searches of ‘how much does * cost’ for each location generated a list of Google autocomplete prompts. Google’s autocomplete feature is based on an algorithm reflecting, among other factors, the number of times a term has been searched for in the past. Check out the map and complete list. Readers are invited to share their favourite results using #UKCostObsessions.

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