tops the leader board in online display advertising

LONDON, April 11th, 2011.
RECENT figures released by Comscore Ad Metrix reveal Media Ingenuity’s price comparison brand to be the top online advertiser of 2010 in the finance sector.
Finance was the top-spending sector in online display last year, producing a total of 18.9 billion display ad impressions in the second half of the year alone. accounted for 2.3 billion of these ads, resulting in a 12% share in the category which included some of the UK’s biggest brands such as Aviva plc, Barclays Group plc and American Express. Significantly, this makes Media Ingenuity the largest online display advertiser in the UK for financial services.
Adam Quint, managing director at Media Ingenuity has said of these findings: “The Comscore result confirms our place as the UK’s leading online advertiser for financial services and by a very substantial margin. Anyone with deep pockets can buy vast volumes of inventory but we pride ourselves on using our market leading technology and analytical capability to do so profitably. We’re very proud that a relatively small team has had such a profound impact on the UK financial services space. We recognise that we’re still a small part of the overall online eco system so are looking forward to strengthening our lead and further expanding our reach.”

About is already one of the most visited credit comparison destinations in the UK. Having grown at a rapid rate, we are now aiming to change the game altogether by developing a revolutionary approach to credit comparison. By creating exceptional comparison tools and publishing indispensable content, is empowering people to make better financial choices.

About Media Ingenuity

Media Ingenuity Group is a leading digital media business focused on consumer finance. We are on a mission to deliver the best online comparison tools and financial products that allow people to make smarter decisions. We are also a centre of excellence in marketing.
Since Media Ingenuity was founded in 2006 we have created a series of products and services that have been used by millions of people looking to compare financial products and save money online. We have also become one of the largest online advertisers in the UK.
Editor and supplementary notes
The information contained in this press release is intended solely for journalists and should not be used by consumers to make financial decisions. Any consumer interested in learning more about any of this product should visit for full terms and conditions.


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TotallyMoney has been championing fairer and better consumer credit since 2007 by helping customers make smart borrowing decisions. We won Best Free Credit Report Provider in the 2018 Moneynet Personal Finance Awards and, in under 12 months, our Free Credit Report has already put more than 500,000 customers in control of their credit data.

Plus, we pioneered soft searching and eligibility scoring to reduce customers’ risk of being rejected for credit. Our services are designed to simplify personal finance, helping customers improve their credit rating and find the best products to meet their needs. To date, our platform powers the likes of, Noddle, and ClearScore to name but a few.