The new Luma Credit Card – Offering a brighter way into responsible credit building

THE NEW Luma credit card launched today for UK customers who are looking to build credit or with a limited credit history, powered by Capital One.

The Luma card, with a credit limit of up to £1,500, allows UK customers who have previously struggled with debt or who have a limited credit history in the UK to build their credit rating.
The Luma credit card offers customers 0% interest on purchases for a limited time and no annual account fee. Luma customers are able to feel secure in their purchases as Luma offers purchase protection insurance. Luma purchase protection gives Luma customers free insurance covering many of the things bought on a Luma card against loss, damage or theft for 100 days after purchase.
Account management for Luma is hassle free with online and mobile management so customers can access their accounts at any time. Through the online site Luma customers are able to set up alerts for when their credit limit is about to be reached and when payment is due. Luma also offers customers fraud alerts for suspicious activity on their accounts and free assistance if they become victims of identity theft.
Will Becker, chief executive of Media Ingenuity, Luma’s corporate parent, said: “We are thrilled to launch Luma for customers who up until now have had very few products to choose from in the credit card market. Working with Capital One, we have crafted a card which allows people building credit, and others with a limited credit history to enter into the credit card space and take control of their finances.”
In addition to managing accounts online, Luma also helps consumers shed light on how to use their card responsibly and improve their credit rating through the’s guides and information on credit basics.
The Luma credit card is available now at
About Luma
It often feels like you have to be part of an elite group to obtain a credit card. At Luma we have tried to create a card that is a bit more friendly. If you have poor credit or have had a CCJ you could be accepted. And with 0% on purchases and no annual fee it has been designed with the kind of a perks you would expect from some of the more ‘exclusive’ credit cards. Luma is a partnership between Media Ingenuity and Capital One – one of the world’s leading credit card issuers.
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