Rent vs Time Tube Map: How Much Will Londoners Pay for a Shorter Commute?

We all want an extra minute or two in bed each morning, but how much will the people of London pay for this pleasure?
Recent research by credit comparison website has found that Londoners will pay on average an extra £6.60 a week in rent for every minute shaved off their travel time.
To demonstrate how travel time impacts rent prices on each London Underground line, has recreated the famous Tube map showing the average rent near each station and the travel time to the most desirable location on the line.
The map reveals that the average commuter will have to pay significantly more to shorten their journey each morning, however, the capital does still contain a few undervalued stations that are close to the city centre.
Commuters can get from Mile End station in east London to Oxford Circus in just 16 minutes on the Central line, and pay an average weekly rent of £215.
On the other hand, people living in leafy Richmond can expect an average weekly rent of £331, despite being 29 minutes from the most expensive District line station (South Kensington).
Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications at, said of the research: ‘Obviously there is more to choosing a place to live than just seeing how close it is to work, but many Londoners feel the less time spent on the tube each day the better.
‘Here at we are committed to making the credit market a fairer place and helping people get the best value for their money in every aspect of life.
‘Therefore we hope this research gives people in London an insight into where they should be looking to live if they want affordable rent prices along with a manageable commute.’


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