The recent changes to the UK minimum wage won’t help many workers looking to rent in Manchester

Following the recent change in the UK’s national minimum wage, decided to look into how affordable housing is to people working low income jobs Manchester, and the results are shocking.
Minimum wage workers on 37.5 hour weeks would only be able to rent one-bed properties in seven of Greater Manchester’s 43 postcode areas without spending more than 35% of their wages on rent.
See how much workers need to make to rent in each of Manchester’s M postcodes areas on our map.
For this research the newly increased minimum wage for workers aged 25 and over (£7.20 an hour) has been used.
Housing and homelessness charity Shelter say that affordable housing is defined as spending no more than 35% of your income on rent, which means that unless you are willing to part ways with a good chunk of your wage package, Manchester is quickly becoming an unaffordable place to live for many people on low income jobs.
The most expensive postcode areas were of course in the city centre, with the central M2 postcode topping the list, requiring workers to earn at least £26.35 an hour (about £75,500 per year) if they want to find a one bed property near the city’s famous Albert Square. CEO Alastair Douglas said of the research findings: ‘Rising rent prices are making living in the UK’s large cities nearly impossible for many people with low income jobs.
‘This can often have the effect of turning large cities such as Manchester into areas where only wealthy people can comfortably rent accommodation, which furthers the rental property crisis.
‘Here at we are committed to making the credit market a fairer place and saving the consumer money. We hope that this research will highlight the problem of rapidly rising rent prices and help people in their search for affordable housing.’


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