How much would these famous TV homes be worth today?

Oct 25th 2015

It’s no secret that Carrie Bradshaw could never have afforded her NYC apartment on a Journalist’s salary. But what about the TV stars on this side of the pond? How much would the Absolutely Fabulous abode be valued at today? And in 2015, could Sherlock still afford to live in Baker Street? have imagined how much iconic TV properties have risen in value on the back of the London property boom. Take Only Fools and Horses’ Del Boy for example, whose £15k yearly increase earned him much more than his £11k salary. Across town, Sherlock’s flat has made £60k a year over the last 5 years – which is not too shabby compared to the £67k average salary of a Consulting Detective. But nobody can rival Ab Fab Eddie’s Holland Park home, which earned her £163k a year, £100k higher than the average salary of a PR Director. Sadly, the only one who appears to have made as bad an investment as his life choices is Mark ‘Peep Show’ Corrigan. With an increase in value of only £5k a year for the last 12 years, he should beg for his job back at JLB Credit. From Del Boy’s humble dwellings, to the Ab Fab duo’s lavish living situation, explore each listing and individual floorplan here.

  • Peep Show - Croydon

Bought for £108,645 in 2003, Mark Corrigan’s Croydon-based flat served him well. But how much would it be worth today? Well, he’d probably still be worried about losing his job at JLB Credit in 2015, with his house now being valued at £167,429.

  • Sherlock – Baker Street

Across town in Baker Street, Sherlock’s landlady may no longer have need for a tenant after all, with her centrally located flat rising from £655,000 in January 2010 to £999,950 come June 2015.

  • Edina Monsoon – Absolutely Fabulous

Ever wondered why Eddie never seemed too concerned about her lack of clients? Her Holland Park abode may have had something to do with it. Purchased in January 1993 for £554, 758, at current market value she’s looking at an eye-watering amount of £4,273,742. Yes, you read that correctly!

  • Del Boy – Peckham

It’s no secret that Peckham is becoming increasingly gentrified. So where does that leave Del Boy’s purpose-built property? Considering his flat was purchased for just £29,000 in 1981, today’s price of £404,000 would certainly be a lovely jubbly return. Notes: Methodology: Price increases are calculated based on the date of when each show started to the present day. Nationwide’s House Price Calculator was used to determine how much each TV home might go for in today’s market. Floor plans were brought to life by architect Predrag Markovic.

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