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    Top 50 Most Affordable University Towns Revealed

    Jul 16th 2018New research by TotallyMoney reveals the top 50 most affordable university towns across the UK and puts the University of Warwick in first place. The…
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    Jul 2nd 2018London, Embargoed 00.01 Friday 6th July: New research by credit experts TotallyMoney suggests Britons will pay an estimated £23.8 million solely on…
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    Is Shared Ownership The Future for First-Time Buyers?

    Jun 26th 2018Revealed: 18-24 year olds clueless about how Shared Ownership works with only 28% knowing what it is. Only 19% of property buyers in the last ten…
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    Jun 5th 2018EMBARGO 00.01 MONDAY 18TH JUNE 2018 New research by TotallyMoney suggests university cities offer the highest return on buy-to-let investments, with…
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    May 14th 2018New research by credit report, eligibility, and comparison specialists, TotallyMoney, shows Londoners pay on average £3,744 a year for an extra 1…
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    South East England Best UK Region to Make Living as Towns Take Five Top-10 Spots, With Crawley Number One

    Apr 26th 2018New research by TotallyMoney shows South East England to be the best place in the UK to earn a living. The research considers median monthly take-home…
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    Time to put your feet up: The best destinations for Brits to retire abroad

    Mar 28th 2018Spain proves to be the best country to retire abroad, with 4 cities in the top 5 destinations.    Lanzarote best overall destination to retire…
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    Essex Beats Herts and Kent to Take Top Ranking London Commuter Hotspot County

    Mar 16th 2018New research by TotallyMoney suggests Essex is one of the best counties for London commuter hotspots, with Hertfordshire and Kent following close…
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    To Buy or Not To Buy? The UK’s Top Help-To-Buy Hotspots Revealed

    Jan 4th 2018Central Bedfordshire is the top district to purchase a property through help-to-buy schemes in the UK Of the UK’s largest cities, Wakefield found to…
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    Scandinavia the best place for a good work-life balance – while UK loses out to Ireland, Germany, Spain

    Dec 29th 2017New research from TotallyMoney finds which countries in Europe offer a maximum of leisure time to keep their citizens happy, and a minimum of working…
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    Dec 20th 2017LONDON, 13 December 2017 — A OnePoll survey commissioned by TotallyMoney reveals the average cost of pets over their lifetime is much higher than we…
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    Study reveals student let hotspots could ease the squeeze on buy-to-let investment

    Nov 21st 2017TotallyMoney’s latest buy-to-let yield property investment report sees the university cities climbing the table of top performing postcode areas. And…
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    25 Destinations Brits Should Be Considering For A Holiday Home

    Nov 2nd 2017Having a place ready to head to when you need some relaxation, a family holiday or just to get away is a dream for many. However, when it comes to…
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    TotallyMoney Credit Report App Gives Customers Live Credit Score Updates and Intelligent Credit Eligibility Alerts. Totally Free.

    Oct 30th 2017Customers can now download an app to track their credit score and real-time likelihood of being accepted for credit, access their full credit report…
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    Overtime Survey 2017: UK is working for free from 25 October

    Oct 25th 2017So, how much overtime do you put in and what is it costing you over the course of a year? If you think it’s just a few minutes here and there, use the…
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    TotallyMoney’s Borrowing Power Map Reveals UK’s Credit Haves and Have Nots

    Oct 18th 2017TotallyMoney’s new free credit report service provides customers with live updates about their  Borrowing Power. And now they’ve mapped the UK’s…
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    Introducing… The Beatles, Oasis, Muse – The Grand Tour of the UK Genre-Defining Musical Geniuses

    Oct 2nd 2017A new interactive map of the UK from TotallyMoney shows the massive involvement the country has had in the world music scene, with classic rock bands…
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    The Highs and Lows of 30 Top Film Franchises

    Sep 2nd 2017In new research, TotallyMoney looks at the major film franchises that have come to our screens over the years, to find how they’ve gone from strength…
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    Free Credit Report Service - Live with Clive

    Aug 17th 2017“For the viewers at home”, ITV’s voice of football Clive Tyldesley stars in the new TV advertising campaign for TotallyMoney’s Credit Report and Live…
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    The UK’s Most Stressful Places to Live

    Jul 10th 2017Feeling some additional pressure recently? You might just be a product of your environment. We've looked at 16 stress-inducing factors across the…

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