Intelligent alerts

Receive a personalised pick of the credit cards and loans that you could be accepted for, delivered directly to your inbox each month

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We are no longer accepting any new customers for our Intelligent Alerts service. We will continue to run the service for existing customers until 30th November 2018. After that date, the service will be turned off.

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Rather than spending hours searching for a credit card or loan and wading through all the options, wouldn’t it be simpler to sit back and have details of the most suitable choices delivered to you?

Now, with intelligent eligibility updates, you can.

How do intelligent updates make my life easier?

  • Once a month, you’ll receive an update about the cards or loans on our service that you could be accepted for.*
  • If you choose to, you’ll also receive alerts for new credit card or loan offers that look like they could be right for you.
  • This service has no impact on your credit rating.
  • It’s simple to get started, simply submit a credit card or loans eligibility check form and you’ll be automatically enrolled in this free service.

* If you’ve checked your eligibility for credit cards, we’ll show you credit cards, if you’ve looked for a loan, we’ll show you loans.

We think that you’ll find these free monthly updates useful. However, if you are receiving these emails and would prefer not to, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link in any of the update emails or contacting us on

Does this affect my credit rating?

No. The intelligent eligibility update service uses a soft search of your credit file to calculate how likely you are to be accepted for credit. You will see this quotation search show up on you credit report, but it’s not visible to lenders. Only you can see it, so it has absolutely no negative impact on your credit rating or eligibility score. Intelligent updates will not limit your ability to get credit now, or in the future.

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with Experian to conduct the pre-application soft searches and eligibility checking.

The eligibility check uses elements of your credit file, your personal information and our knowledge of banks’ lending criteria to give you an indication of the credit you are likely to be accepted for.

When you complete the eligibility checking form, we use your personal information to perform a soft search of your credit file. We repeat this eligibility search once a month and send you an email with your updated results.

You will see a record of this on your credit profile as an “administrative review” or a “quotation search”, but lenders will not be able to see it.

This process will not have any adverse impact on your credit rating.

In addition, we also work with individual lenders who will conduct a quotation search of your credit file directly as part of a free service to present your chances of being accepted for their credit card or loan.

Credit report footprints

You may see some or all of these soft-search footprints recorded on your credit reports. These have no impact on your credit rating and are used to calculate your eligibility score:

  • Totally money
  • Credit Card Quotation – Noddle
  • Noddle (TotallyMoney)
  • Credit Card Quotation –
  • Credit Card Quotation – Marbles (
  • Likely Loans
  • Likely Loans (
  • Credit Card Quotation – Clear Score Technology Ltd
  • ClearScore Technology Ltd
  • Quotation / Preliminary Search - NewDay Cards limited
  • Consumer Enquiry – Hdd-price Comparison-barclaycard
  • Hitachi Capital (Uk) Plc – Price Comparison - Hdd
  • Quotation Search – Bamboo Limited (Cval Tac Cr R) Bamboo Limited (Cr Api)
  • Credit Quotation – Capital One (Europe) Plc
  • Capital One Bank (Europe) Plc (Ml, Sa, Sr, Cval) Totally Money Powered By Capital One (Cr Api)
  • Avantcredit Of Uk Llc (Cval Sr, Sa, Ct) Avantcredit Of Uk Llc (Sr Api)
  • Lendable limited (Sr, Ar, Cval) Lendable Limited (Sr Api)