Kristen's story

Mum knows best. And Kristen’s mum knew that a 0% balance transfer card was the way to pay off the debts that her daughter had run up while at university.

New graduate. First job. Kristen wanted to pay off her credit card balance, but still be able to enjoy travelling, eating out, arts and culture.

Her bank was no help. They turned down her application. Not wanting to further impact her credit rating, Kristen used TotallyMoney to check her eligibility for a balance transfer card.

“The eligibility check was so useful. It gave me a real idea of what I would most likely be accepted for.”

The soft search turned up many options and she was quickly accepted for a credit card.

Now Kristen’s got a plan for her finances and she’s free to spend her money on doing the things that she really wants to do.

Kristen enjoys travelling, eating out, arts and culture.

Photograph taken of Kristen on holiday.

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