Christopher's story

When he found that his credit rating had been ruined by someone running up bills in his name and not paying them, Christopher needed to find a way to rebuild it

Juggling his day-to-day responsibilities as a full-time carer for his daughter, Christopher found that being turned down for credit, when he’d been able to borrow in the past, was making life more complicated.

Looking for a way to get back to where he used to be, he followed up on an email that he received from TotallyMoney. The eligibility check gave him the peace of mind that he wouldn't suffer the embarrassment of being refused credit.

“The best thing about TotallyMoney was the eligibility check, taking control of your own credit and doing what you want to do at any time.”

Now with a credit card he’s enjoying the freedom to take control. Now he can make sure that his daughter has the best possible quality of life and he can also do more things, like getting along to watch the British Touring Cars racing and walking his four dogs.

Christopher’s happy that his credit rating is built right back up again to how it used to be.

Christopher enjoys watching the British Touring Cars racing.

Photograph taken by Christopher at the British Touring Cars race.

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