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  • How does this work?

    We do a soft search on your credit file. A soft search is like a quick peek at your credit file. It allows us to see the information we need in order to work out your eligibility for different cards. The great thing about a soft search is it doesn't have a negative impact on your credit rating because it can't be seen by potential lenders.

  • Can you guarantee I'll be accepted?

    Unfortunately not. We can predict with a high degree of accuracy your likelihood of being accepted, the final decision rests with the card provider based on your credit history and passing fraud and identity checks.

  • Will this impact my credit rating?

    No, a soft search has no impact on your credit rating. It will leave a footprint on your credit file (shown as a quotation or eligibility search) but this isn't visible to lenders and so doesn't affect your credit rating. In comparison, when you apply for a credit card a full search of your credit file takes place, which can be seen by other lenders. Lots of full credit searches cause concern for lenders who assume you are applying for a lot of different credit products.

  • Why not just apply to the card company directly?

    The credit card company will do a full search on your credit file, which is visible to other lenders, and if you’re rejected then it could harm your credit rating. A soft search is not visible to lenders and can’t damage your credit rating, plus it’s much quicker than completing a full credit card application.

  • What do 'pre-approved' and 'card approved' mean?

    Pre-approved means you will get accepted for the card, and at the rate advertised, providing the information you give is accurate and you pass the lender's checks. Card approved means that you will get accepted for the card, providing the information you give is accurate and you pass the lender's checks, but could be offered a different rate to that advertised.