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Make your daily spending count

Make your daily spending count

Build your credit score with everyday spending with the TotallyMoney Debit Card.

Powered by our partner Currensea. £4.99 /month. Cancel anytime.

Credit building, without the credit hassle

No hard credit check. No interest rate. No need to top up or risk missing a payment at the end of month. Build your credit score with a debit card that doesn’t require you to open a new bank account.

Build your score with minimal effort

Simply connect this card to your existing bank account and spend in-store or online as you normally would. Once a month, we report your TotallyMoney Debit Card to TransUnion, our partner credit reference agency.

All you have to do is maintain good financial behaviour while using this card, you could grow your credit score. People with higher scores see credit offers with lower interest rates and longer interest-free offers. This could mean saving over £500 a year.†

How it works

Sign up with Currensea

Use our partner to apply for the card and connect your bank account. You’ll receive your card in 2-3 working days.

Activate and spend

Use the Currensea app to activate your card and check your spending limit. Then use the card to pay in-store or online as you usually would.

Repay and build your score

Your card balance will be taken from your bank via direct debit within 2 days. This card is then reported towards your credit report.±

Powered by Currensea, our trusted partner

TotallyMoney partnered with Currensea to offer our customers a card that helps build credit score without the credit hassle.

Outside of our partnership, Currensea is also the UK's first direct debit travel card. As a TotallyMoney Debit Card customer, you’ll benefit from extra features that are provided by Currensea. Find out more below and when you activate your card in the app.

Start building your credit score with everyday spending

£4.99 /month. Cancel anytime.

Get my card

† research commissioned by TotallyMoney (May 2022). Savings amount is based on the interest paid on £2,472, which was the average balance for a card with no promotional rate.

± A late payment fee will apply if Currensea can’t collect your card balance due to insufficient funds in your bank account. Read more about this in our FAQ here.

How do I know if this card is right for me?

This card could be a good fit for you if:

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • You have an active current account with one of Currensea’s UK banking partners (see full list here)
  • you don’t have an active CCJ on your credit report
  • you don’t have missed direct debit payments
  • your goal is to build credit score with positive financial behaviour. If you’re looking to take out credit to make purchases, this card will not be a good fit for you.
How will the TotallyMoney Debit Card impact my score?

Using the TotallyMoney Debit Card and repaying the transactions via direct debit should build your credit history and score.

We can’t guarantee credit score increases. The impact of this debit card on your credit score will vary depending on your use and financial behaviours.

Your credit score might dip initially after signing up, because you’ve taken out a new card. However, if you use the card well and continue to maintain good financial behaviour, your credit score should recover.

What happens if my bank account doesn’t have enough money to cover my card balance?

What you spend on your card will be taken from your bank account via direct debit within 2 business days.

A late payment fee may apply if there aren’t enough funds in your bank account to cover your card balance. We recommend that you check your spending limit and your bank balance before using this debit card for your purchases. Read more about late payment fee and process in our FAQ here.

What benefits do I get with Currensea?

With a TotallyMoney Debit Card, you’ll also benefit from extra features that are provided by Currensea. For example:

  • shopping offers with cashback rewards
  • competitive exchange rate when you spend abroad
  • fee-free ATM withdrawals while you’re travelling
  • advanced card security tools like spend limits, spend notifications, and freeze/unfreeze card

Find out more in the Currensea app after activating your card.

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