1,000 pull requests and counting

Today marks a special occasion: we've reached 1000 Pull Requests in our 'My Account' code repository. This shows a successful cumulative effort by a cross-functional team of developers, designers, UX and copywriters. We're taking a moment to congratulate ourselves on 1000 examples of acting collaboratively!   Opening a Pull Request (PR) indicates that someone on the team has a code change they would like to introduce. It allows other members of the team to review, ask questions, and provide feedback to the owner. Team members are checking for code quality, looking for potential bugs, and generally trying to prevent anything unwanted from entering the codebase.   Pull Requests TotallyMoney   A PR could be opened for a new feature, like our credit score history view, or it could be a refactor to make the code cleaner without adding functionality. In either case, a PR gives everyone an opportunity to review and stay up to date with ongoing changes. It acts a tool for radiating information about the state of the code.   Fifteen individuals, all colleagues past and present, have contributed to this total over 20 months. We continue to perform continuous delivery and ship new features at a steady pace. Our deployment pipeline shows our ability to move fast, while pull requests help to keep code quality high.   However, it’s beginning to show signs of age. More frequently opened PRs place greater strain on our pipeline. Our challenge for the future is to continue to deliver while adding members to the team. We expect to break apart our single repository into isolated units to enable small teams to act independently. A smaller code base will have less reason to change, and so, this could be our first and last repository with 1000 PRs! We may not see another repository like My Account — but we've learned a great deal so far.