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The Polyglot Pipeline

The two prevailing languages at TotallyMoney are JavaScript and C# (.net). A typical product of ours is composed of a JavaScript frontend and a .net backend, with each component packaged separately. However, any single-code repository rarely contains a mixture of languages.   We create value for our customers by delivering quality products. The drawback of …

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The Hottest Game in Town

“I’ve got wood and I need a sheep” are not the words you usually hear in an office in Central London. However, earlier this year the offices of TotallyMoney were transported to 16th century undiscovered lands where we were faced with the daunting task of starting our own civilisations, building roads and cities while battling …

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How We Built a Free Credit Report

We recently launched our new free credit report on TotallyMoney and we had to do it in a fairly short time with a small team.  To be fair, small, focused teams is the way we prefer to work but it does mean we have to make careful choices about tools and technology in order to …

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Thrown in at the Deep End of PPC

Given that my role as Marketing Executive at TotallyMoney is my first job out of University, I hadn’t expected that within three weeks I’d be using AdWords Scripts to manage campaigns for one of our core services. I had, naïvely, thought that any tasks I might be given would be closely monitored and that, as …

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The Building Behind Building a Fairer Consumer Credit Market

TotallyMoney’s mission has always been to help customers get a better deal from the credit industry and to build a fairer credit market for consumers.  Once the idea to provide our customers with a free credit report was born and then, after all the negotiations, planning and designing were finalised, the task of building it came …

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Celebrating TotallyMoney’s Free Credit Score and Report

We took over a gallery in Fitzrovia to celebrate the launch of our Free Credit Score and Report service.
The event was intended to be two things: an opportunity to celebrate our success with partners and lenders and – more importantly – to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who worked so hard this year to ensure we launched the product on time. We had a great turn out and were really pleased that so many of our friends could help us mark the occasion.

TotallyMoney credit report launch party 1
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 2
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 3
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 4
Roadmap to a Party
Just as the new TotallyMoney product has been a long time in the planning and execution, so we had been mobilised in April to start planning the party. It was a strange sensation to be working on an event to launch something that was pretty abstract at the beginning of the process; and we had been given a September date in case of any slippage in the delivery date. But in the end we needn’t have worried. The product went to market and our TV ad hit the screens weeks before the party – we even surprised ourselves and had the app in the store at the beginning of that week!
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 6
‘And it was all Yellow’
We worked with a lot of great suppliers to pull off the event that we wanted, including Maule Brewery who sorted us out with a custom TotallyMoney lager for one night only! Graphics were provided by Contour Digital, who helped us put our own spin on the space, and pick up the ‘iconic’ yellow dots straight out of our live report dashboard… We’ll be working on the leftover sherbet lemons for a while yet.
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 7

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Making an Amazing TV Ad

The things to consider when embarking on a new TV campaign: some questions to ask to ensure that your brief will be met and that you’ll be happy with the finished creative.

The Day I Scored at Work

The beauty of technology-driven finance products is that they put live, actionable information into people’s hands to help them make better financial decisions. This is what we are doing with our free credit report.