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Ready for the release of Fluid?

For a long time, the credit industry has been saturated with balance transfer offers that target the prime market — that is, those whose credit ratings are almost perfect. At the time of writing, the longest balance transfer offer available is 36 months from MBNA. How good must your credit rating be for a lender …

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How We Won “Best Company To Work For” At 2018’s Credit Awards

When I joined TotallyMoney three years ago, I set myself a mission: to make TotallyMoney the best place to work in any industry. Fast forward to last Thursday, and I couldn’t be happier to see these efforts paying off. That’s because we won Best Company To Work For at 2018’s Credit Awards. Here’s what the …

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“Running is 80% mental”

As a keen runner, I decided a good way to raise some money and awareness for charity would be to run a marathon. But as a keen runner, I also thought: everyone does that.

This is a Big One – The Making of TotallyMoney’s New TV Advert with Anthea Turner

After the huge success of our first TV commercial featuring Clive Tyldesley, we’re excited to extend the world of our heroes, Julie and Dan. Our second TV advert launches nationally on 22nd April and we’re very excited about new and existing TotallyMoney customers seeing it – we think they’ll love it.   This time it’s Julie …

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Running with Scissors

‘Cut and paste’ might have become a shorthand for lazy thinking and stealing other people’s idea, but, armed with scissors, glue and a stack of old magazines, the TotallyMoney Collage Club tapped into our creative unconscious. And it turned out to be quite a dark and twisted place at times. Collage Club founder Steph Hartman got us started with …

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An Introduction to Borrowing Power

Borrowing Power is unique to TotallyMoney. It’s one number to show how likely you are to be accepted when you apply for credit — and you won’t find it anywhere else. Think of it as your credit health meter. The higher your Borrowing Power, the better the credit card and loan offers you’re likely to …

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Building a Data-Driven Culture

Data-driven decision making: the reality Data enables us to take risks out of decisions by confirming assumptions, as well as helping us to measure our progress. This data-driven approach has been a core driver of TotallyMoney’s success. However, we hit a few problems: i) One-dimensional reporting feeding into individual excel files. ii) Crude and varied …

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International Women’s Day: 3 Reasons to Celebrate at TotallyMoney

The approach to International Women’s Day always seems to be met with a mixed bag of emotions: from panic across boardrooms as businesses struggle to come up with ideas to celebrate it, to wry cynicism on the part of women who question the day’s actual usefulness and impact. While Nike’s IWD-themed ad featuring Serena Williams …

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10 Years of Henry (Tenry?)

It’s no mean feat for someone to serve one company for 10 years. That’s about one fifth of someone’s entire working life. Henry Keegan, Head of Search, is TotallyMoney’s longest serving employee, boasting a two-year lead on the person who takes second place. He was here during our first incarnation as Media Ingenuity Ltd. He …

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The 10 Commandments of GDPR

Brace yourself. GDPR is coming. Whether you’re ready or not. And if you’re not ready, we’re way ahead of you.   For years, businesses have been ‘tricking’ customers into opting in to all sorts of unwanted marketing communications via pre-ticked boxes (yes, I’m looking at you, you, and you). Such a ‘clever’ way to collect …

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Don’t Looker back in anger

Towards the end of 2017, the Marketing Team heard rumours of a new data analytics platform to replace the ‘Viper’ interface, which we built in-house using SQL. Although Viper provided most of the key metrics needed to optimise marketing campaigns and track performance, looking at the data would sometimes raise more questions than the data …

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