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Optimising Trustpilot customer review invitations using unique links…and open sourcing our solution

At TotallyMoney.com, we love helping our customers make good decisions supported by reliable information. When it comes to evaluating our products, and the services we provide, who could be a more reliable source of information than our existing customers? Trustpilot source and publish customer reviews, including comments, and a star rating out of 5. In addition to gaining valuable feedback from users who have explored our products, we plan to share that feedback via our website as evidence of our great reputation amongst existing customers. Inviting a customer to write a review can be as simple as e-mailing them a generic link. However, Trustpilot recently showed us how we could optimise the links we send to customers so that each invitation is unique.

The unique link takes the customer to a simple review form on Trustpilot By embedding encoded customer details into the link, we can identify not only who the customer is, but the product or service they used, and the details of their visit, without exposing any of those details publicly. In addition to making customer review invitations seamless, the extra information contained in the link helps our CRM team analyse the feedback in order to make our products and services even better! The security of our customers’ data is paramount, so we carefully followed Trustpilot’s guidance for hashing the customer details in the link. Next, we designed a simple application that allows users to either upload a .csv file of customer details, or use the form to add customers one at a time. They can also customise the fields of data that are returned to them in a new text file before integrating the data with their existing systems and processes. Here at TotallyMoney.com we plan to upload our unique links into our e-mail system, Exact Target, so that they can be easily included in e-mail templates appropriate for each customer and product.
The “unique link generator” application available at trustpilot.totallymoney.com A lot of businesses use Trustpilot for the same reasons we do; to build trust and gain valuable feedback from real customers that can be applied either immediately, or during future projects. We therefore decided to make the application available to everyone, for free, and open source the code so that other users could tailor it to meet their needs. We hope this will be the first of many successful open source projects!