One Million Reasons to Celebrate

We recently hosted our colleagues, partners and the media to celebrate our millionth customer landmark. We presented what we will focus on in 2019 and drunk a few Proseccos (too many). Our gregarious chief commercial officer, Mr Tom Platt, tackled the complex issue of people getting rejected for credit and how we can solve this with our lending partners. There was discussion about ‘real rates’ and offering more transparency to customers so they know what APR they’re getting into upfront. This is all part of our mission to put customers in control of their data, so they can make smart borrowing decisions. Our future focussed Chief Product Officer, Anna Kuriakose, shared her thoughts on how we are building a product to solve our customer’s challenges at every stage of their credit journey. We want to build a product that makes a long-term difference to our customers’ lives. Our first speaker of the evening, our one and only chief exec, Mr Alastair Douglas, spoke about ow we’re more customer focussed than anyone else, which has given us the honour of being the best rated free credit report provider on Trustpilot, and will help us win in the long term. There was also a little ol’ speech from yours truly, which explained why people get a credit report in the first place, and how we’ve used this insight to acquire over 1 million customers in such a short space of time. We kicked off the event with a short video, which features many of our fabulous colleagues. They loved starring in this mini epic, which totally rocks. Here’s to the next million!