A third TV ad – all in a day’s Buerk

After the huge success of our second TVC (that’s television creative in ad land) — which features the inimitable Anthea Turner and our famous family, Dan and Julie (and a baby Arthur) — we wondered how we could better it.

We wanted a TV advert that foremostly communicates the key benefit of our service: TotallyMoney helps you improve your credit score, so you can get better credit offers and make your future financial dreams a reality. The light-hearted and somewhat cheeky tone of our campaign needed to be kept intact.

Who better to accept this challenge than the newsreader legend Mr Michael Buerk? Our famous anchorman is transported from his news desk, into the home of Dan and Julie, who are now used to celebrities dropping by. They eat their Sunday dinner with their son Arthur, and Kate Burgess who plays Julie delivers a fantastic performance as ‘credit correspondent’. She explains to Michael exactly how TotallyMoney has helped her and her family, and how they’re now thinking about owning their own home.

Michael Buerk gives a great performance as newsreader (he’s had a lot of practice), provides a huge dollop of nostalgia, and offers up some comedy to boot. The big question is: who will be transported into Dan and Julie’s home next?