Not Safe For Work! Until 6pm…

Two stark naked men — not what I’d expect to see in the office at the end of the day. Perfectly normal as part of a life drawing class, though. Last Thursday, we all got together for the first official social event this year in the name of art. And yes, the big reveal (pun intended) happened in our kitchen! A snapshot of some of our staff’s work

So, what exactly went down?

That evening, while we giggled and passed around beers, the great ladies of the London Drawing Group introduced themselves and gave us the run-down of how the evening would go. Soon after, two brazenly willing gentlemen laid it all bare, mere inches in front of us. With no encouragement — literally none — one of our devs gave modelling a go!

They were gentle with us for our first time, and gave us little tasks to arouse our artistic impulses. A hands-on approach (to the artwork) got us used to the materials, and taught us about light and shadow, contrast and texture, and most impressively got a room full of tipsy staff not to laugh at two men in all their naked glory. We were all keen to get properly stuck in. So, we sucked it up, got a grip, and flexed our artistic prowess. Some better than others… To be fair, we did expect all our graphic designers to rise to the occasion. And, one of our commercial team did indeed walk his talk after weeks of claiming his school days taught him how to draw the perfect penis. And in a way, it did feel a little like being back in the classroom. Less copying your mate’s homework, though, and more of a throwback to doing PE in your pants. That delicate and cheeky mix of awkward and funny set the tone for the night and ensured that we spent the evening with smiles on our faces. After a while, they moved us on to fourth base (steady on). Now already masters of charcoal, and quite a few drinks in, we all backed ourselves to create a Louvre-worthy masterpiece in 25 minutes. Even the catering was on-theme! Finishing the evening with baps, buns and juicy meats, was a fitting end to the tongue-in-cheek evening. Was the idea controversial? For some. But safe to say, we’re all now fully pumped for the next social.   Note to self – give the kitchen surfaces an extra scrub in the morning