International Women's Day 2019 - Balance for Better

To mark International Women’s Day 2019, we assembled the women of TotallyMoney in the nearby White Collar Factory for a special lunch to celebrate our successes, to strengthen our support network, and to discuss #balanceforbetter and the steps we can all take to help encourage gender balance in the workplace. We were delighted to be joined by Rachel Carrell, Founder CEO of Koru Kids, who shared some of the insights she's gleaned along her journey from management consultancy with McKinsey, to becoming a working mother (and CEO) and, more recently, setting up her own business to solve the childcare issues she encountered first-hand. We debated the merits of identifying female mentors and supporters in the workplace, versus sometimes requiring the backing of influential male advocates, and whether we ought to be distinguishing between the genders in these roles at all, in the push for equality. But this wasn’t all: to kick-off proceedings, we each shared a picture of a woman who inspires us, compiling an amazing collection of inspirational women from business, the arts, and several heroic family members and friends. A common thread among these women was their courage to be unapologetic in their attitudes and their choices, being authentically themselves, with no regrets. Back at TotallyMoney HQ, these women are proudly up on display in a prominent space, bringing the impact of International Women’s Day back in to the office, and serving as a reminder that while the playing field is gradually being leveled in our favour, we can follow the lead of these powerhouses and continue to make concerted efforts to push for #balanceforbetter.