The F-sharpest knife in our drawer

On Thursday 13th February, TotallyMoney hosted its first F#unctional Londoners meetup. The evening was hosted by our very own Tech Lead, Nick Blair, and in true TotallyMoney style, was accompanied with pizza and drinks for the guests.

The evening’s topic was “Wrapping the DynamoDB Client Library with F#”. Nick took the audience on a brief journey of discovery, as he explored the pros and cons of the .net DynamoDB client. He showed that by leveraging F#'s domain modelling powers, it’s possible to limit the chance of errors when writing to DynamoDB. Nick also demonstrated how the Reader Applicative Pattern can be used to build domain types from a DynamoDB query result.

The night was an all-round success, with Don Syme, the creator of F#, even proposing that Nick’s work could be used as a basis for future enhancement of the language. Congratulations Nick, and thanks for hosting a great evening! And, if you missed it, here’s Nick’s presentation from the night: