Fresh thinking for customer success

In an economy where credit products are so readily available, it’s surprising how little we know about our own ability to get credit. If you asked any of my friends about their credit history you would likely be met with blank stares and confused looks. Understanding your credit report is important, but we are rarely, if at all, taught about this. This is one of the main things that TotallyMoney aims to improve; awareness and understanding.

Introducing Freshdesk

With the introduction of our Free Credit Report service in August, we felt that a point of contact for the customers would be a necessary part of the service. So, after developing a Customer Success team, we started using a service called Freshdesk. Freshdesk is a customer support software and ticketing software, allowing us to incorporate feedback from several mediums, including Facebook and email. Not only has it been a great way to answer our customers’ queries, it’s also been a great way for us to get feedback about where we need to be improving our services. Over the past few months we have resolved a variety of queries and concerns, ranging from customers contacting us about possible fraud on their accounts to questions about credit scores and why they are important.

Review and revise

Every week we complete an analysis of the queries and concerns we receive on Freshdesk to ensure that we are making any changes needed to improve the use of our services and improve customer understanding of credit reports and scores. An example of this includes regularly updating the answers to Frequently Asked Questions that we provide on our site. Not only is this a great way to answer customer queries, it also provides our customers with an opportunity to learn more about credit reports and find the answers to questions they may not have thought to ask. It’s still early days, but we hope that the feedback we receive from customers in Freshdesk will help us to improve our services to provide our customers with the best experience possible.