We've made improvements. Now you can, too.

As part of our mission to make credit better, we want to give our customers all the tools they need to improve their credit status and get the best outcomes from their borrowing so that they have a more affordable life. We understand that the world of credit reports is opaque, we want to lift the lid on how you can improve your score and get better products when you need them. We are rolling out a host of new tools to help our customers do this.   Tracking your way to a better score In our first major upgrade to our dashboard, we have introduced a timeline. This will record your score each time you log in. Your TotallyMoney credit score is live, and can change at any time. Over time you will see the evolution of your score and understand how you’re progressing. It’s the first of many new features which will help you track and better understand your credit status.   Getting the best products for your credit status All our customers have differing credit circumstances. This is why we have introduced a new and improved product offers homepage. No matter which part of your credit journey you’re on, we will have product recommendations for you. All of our customers will be presented with a list of completely bespoke recommendations based on their Borrowing Power – a completely unique gauge of how likely you are to get credit products.

An easier way to dispute your report Finding an error in your credit file can be stressful. We are working to improve our dispute process and make it as a seamless as possible. We have upgraded our dispute form, so you can more easily raise one and get your credit file corrected. As we continue in our journey to make credit better we will be rolling out more and more features to help our customers achieve a more affordable life.     TotallyMoney March 18 product update