The Day I Scored at Work

Last week we unleashed our free credit score and report on the world (apologies for the brazen and shameless link bait). This is a new and very exciting product launch and my first as CMO at TotallyMoney. Every CMO relishes a new product launch, and I’m no exception. So here it is.

TotallyMoney’s Free Credit Score and Report

  • The first free credit report to give you a live score each time you log in (yes, your score can change at any given moment).
  • The first free credit report to give you live information about exactly why your score has changed – we’re calling these Intelligent Alerts.
  • The first free credit report to tell you what credit you can get with your score in the real world (what people really care about) - we’re calling this Borrowing Power.

We believe our personalised, data-driven service can help people improve their credit score and get better financial outcomes.

A score that lets you do more

My first task as CMO was to understand as much as possible about our potential customers. I spent a lot of time talking to people about why they would sign up for a credit report in the first place. Many said they just wanted to see their score; they were inevitably curious to see how credit reference agencies rated them. However, when we dug deeper into their financial motivations two triggers really stuck out. The first was a desire to sort out a current financial situation, be that paying off debt, buying a car, or getting a mortgage. The second was to start saving money. These were particularly strong triggers for our younger audience segments. What struck me was that the credit score is a prompt for people to take their next leap towards an improved financial outcome, be that getting a mortgage and owning a house, paying off debt by transferring a balance, or putting more money away for a rainy day. The credit score in financial decision-making acts as a stepping stone to what are often significant life changes. Incredible what a three-digit number can do.

Fintech delivers on its promise

The beauty of technology-driven finance products is that they put live, actionable information into people’s hands to make better financial decisions. This is exactly what we are doing with our free credit report. The guess work has gone.

  • Our target audience wants to improve their financial situation, but lacks the tools to do so; our bespoke personalisation engine tells them exactly why their credit score has gone up or down and what you can do to improve it.
  • Our target audience will often apply for the wrong type of credit products and get rejected; our Borrowing Power feature tells you exactly what you can get with your credit score.
  • Our target audience doesn’t want to have to spend lots of time working out how to improve their financial situation because it’s a drag; our Intelligent Alerts service will contact you to tell you when something has changed.

All we need to do now is tell people about it. Try our free credit report for yourself.