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Customers Can Now Track Their Credit Score Totally Live

Today, the launch of our live credit score and credit report service has put more power into the hands of our customers. A TotallyMoney account can help them take the next step in their lives and takes us one giant leap closer to reaching our goal of a fairer consumer credit market.

Live Credit Score

Launched today, TotallyMoney’s totally free live credit score is updated each and every time a customer logs in. So they can now get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of their current financial position. And to help them understand that position, we've also given our customers totally unlimited access to their full credit report. Their previous borrowing history, going back six years, is there. All beautifully presented and easy to check.

Borrowing Power

We've also unveiled our pioneering Borrowing Power algorithm. Unique to TotallyMoney, we use information from both the customer’s live credit position and real-time market-wide lending data, to show them how likely they are to be accepted for credit, without impacting their credit rating. And we didn't stop there. We integrated our award-winning Intelligent Alerts service, to give users personalised notifications about changes in their credit score, report and Borrowing Power. Now our customers have all the information they need at their fingertips to make smarter decisions and build a better financial future for themselves and their families.

Better Deals

Our mission has always been to help people get a better deal from the credit industry. An industry, like much of the financial services sector, that has been slow to change and embrace the consumer-focused opportunities opened up by technology and digital communications. Thank you to our excellent team who have taken the time to understand the challenges that our customers face and built a product that gives everyone the best opportunity to make the most of their credit, no matter what their current status.